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This morning, I gathered lots of Swiss chard, spinach and arugula from the garden for salads and to make into Vita-Mix juice for the freezer, for winter. The critters who we share the garden with have, recently, been laying their eggs ever more and more prolifically on certain leaves. Instead of washing the leaves first in the kitchen, it came to me to sit outside and sort the leaves, continuing to appreciate nature. I inspected the leaves twice, each time finding more and more eggs and worms of varying colors, some camouflaged, some lily white, some pure black. As I am in gratitude for each leaf, I suppose I was also asking how and why it was necessary for me to investigate carefully every curl, every indentation because “yep, there is another one.” An insight became very clear, “Amy, why don’t you call us by name? You know us (Ha!! Ha!!). We are the PROTECTORS and we have fun working with the critters pro-creating!” I smiled a huge grin and my heart soared! I have been being with wanting more joy/choosing more joy in my life because I now understand why it wasn’t there before. This was a tiny example of how nature supported me, because I was being still with the plants. Without Coly’s kind heart, patient ways, and ever present explanations that I slowly began to “get,” this would not have happened. His private consultations and week-end group sharings for just under two years have truly changed my life. Thank you, Coly!! All the critter protectors are bowing in Namaste!!

September 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAmy