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The Battlefied of Liberation Journey to The Sacred Place
For those of us who are using spiritual practices as an integral part of our soul’s healing journey, it is
wise to remember that our ego has been the dominating part of us for so long that it will not simply
surrender to our spiritual nature without a battle—in fact going down the spiritual path is exactly what
gets it to fight for its very existence. So, the Spiritual Warrior must consciously choose to do ‘battle’ with
the part of us (ego / personality) that fears for it’s life. The Warrior ‘fights’ to liberate the indwelling
Divine Self. The ego....it fights to keep the idea of itself alive. Engaging in this ‘battle’ is what tests the
Warrior’s mettle and develops what all warriors need.....courage.
The spiritual journey is one that must ultimately lead to a Sacred Place.....The Battlefield of
Liberation....the present moment....and not away from it. Eventually the Warrior is able to stand tall and
face the ego’s fears. Staying present in that battlefield of liberation.......it ALLOWS the ego’s
fear....surrounds it (embraces it).....then warmly and mercilessly ‘attacks’ it with the only ‘weapon’ that
will defeat it and bring peace to the conflict.....Unconditional Love.
To all Spiritual Warriors please keep in mind; no condition in Life can be lifted up, conquered, or healed
by running away from it. The Warriors purpose is to be in the ‘heat’ of battle...that’s what makes them
Warriors. It’s not whether they ‘win’ or ‘lose’ that defines them but their willingness to step onto the
‘battlefield’ to face and bring peace to the ego’s fears whenever the need arises

September 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commentercoly