Coly Vulpiani worked for over thirty years as a master craftsman specializing in fine wood-finishing and the art of French polishing. He employed methods handed down for centuries in his work, and discovered his great passion for revealing the beauty already present in the wood and the joy of releasing the unique qualities of each piece.

The work was quiet and contemplative and helped him cultivate attention, patience, and a particular kind of awareness. Coly found there were many lessons to be learned from the repeated sanding and polishing that uncovered subtle variation and the natural magnificence of what lay beneath the surface:

• There are simple ways of being that help anchor life in a feeling of peace. 
• Change often takes time, but can also be immediate and lasting. 
• The potential in every person can be easily seen when you look deeply. 
• And it is possible to successfully engage both the inner and outer worlds—the responsibilities of "real life" and the work of the soul—at the same time, being conscious of both in parallel and in balance.


While this labor with wood supported his family, its lessons also lead him to a personal transformation. At the birth of his first child, Coly began to understand what unconditional love means, and he became aware that the responsibility he felt for his son gave his life deeper meaning. He realized that to truly support his child's growth he would need to grow himself—uncover a greater depth of character, internal strength, and real maturity, and bring these characteristics to the surface. This recognition began a journey of studying personal growth systems, experiencing a spiritual awakening that led to years of Zen meditation practice, and finally to his intensive training as a spiritual counselor and facilitator of western psycho-spiritual methodologies.

Coly made the shift from fine wood-finisher to counselor over time, and with the understanding that helping people explore the meaning of their lives, and becoming adept at being fully present and truly useful in sustaining the transformation of others was the work he had been preparing for and moving toward, and that mastering this skill would be his vocation for the rest of his life.



Parallel Realities Practice is compatible with many philosophies of life and a wide spectrum of religious belief systems and is respectful of the unique process and perspectives of each individual.

Coly Vulpiani developed Parallel Realities Practice during his thirty years of training in psychological and spiritual work. The method is inspired and informed by many teachers, writers, and thinkers, including G.I. Gurdjieff, Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh, and John Welwood; and has been influenced by the training he has done with The Forum, Genpo Roshi's Big Mind Process, John Daido Loori and Zen Mountain Monastery, and Coly's study of Voice Dialogue with its developers, Dr. Hal Stone and Dr. Sidra Stone.






Coly brings his passion for self-healing to people who have built a foundation - by doing some inner work and achieving a level of success in their careers and relationships - and who now want to experience a deeper and richer kind of life.

He supports his clients in helping them see that what they search for is already within them, and he shares with them the useful tools that have helped him reduce suffering and conflict in his life and in the lives of others. Coly supports his clients in integrating their personality and spirituality in order to experience a growing mastery of life with a sense of discovery and joy.