Coly Vulpiani facilitates a powerful group process where participants enjoy stimulating explorations of the themes that are of most interest in their lives. These experiences have been described as "fun, lively, and surprising journeys that provide penetrating insights," adventures in which the group dives deeply into aspects of the self, culture, and relationship in creative and practical ways that facilitate expanded consciousness.

These groups provide a supportive and vital experience of community, and offer the opportunity to learn by the example of how others move forward—because, in a group, you can see yourself in both the similarities and dissimilarities of your life experiences and those of others. The group dynamic is fluid and easy and stimulates creative explorations that deepen life experience. 

Coly acts as a skilled facilitator for this process, providing heartfelt support and encouragement and assisting individual and collective growth. He isn't the guru with the answers; he's the counselor who facilitates different aspects of the Self and asks questions that evoke a variety of perspectives, making the experience of personal growth a broader and deeper one.

Often, people who participate in Coly's groups, retreats, and workshops find they've uncovered an issue that would benefit from individual sessions or personal coaching. Many times this work relates to integrating previously disowned aspects of the Self, and the need to add more spiritual balance to life. Sometimes one-on-one work deals with a newly discovered issue, or an old issue that never seems to be resolved, or a new insight that needs more focused attention. Coly offers individual sessions at his office in Denver, and provides telephone sessions to clients anywhere in the world, and as a convenience for local clients as well. He also offers individual meditation instruction, guiding clients in developing a customized meditation practice that suits their unique way of exploring their experience. 

Clients regularly work in personal sessions with Coly until resolution is found for an issue and then return to the group for more of the shared exploration that is so stimulating and productive.






Coly Vulpiani and the Parallel Realities Practice Group puts my spiritual and psychological selves together in a partnership that improves my life. The group gives me a forum in which to learn, practice, and assimilate; and because Coly provides a phenomenally rich and safe place, it's both fun and enlightening. I feel so calm, clear, centered and spiritually high afterward. I can get beyond the chaos of unconscious emotions and reactions now and choose peace and happiness instead.

- Curtis P., Administrator