Coly Vulpiani developed Parallel Realities Practice as a means of experiencing the integration of various aspects of the human personality with the unique spirituality of each person. The method combines meditation—which is employed to cultivate stillness and awareness—with Coly's facilitation and exploration of the various aspects of your personality in order to bring more conscious choice, compassion, and clarity to daily life.

Parallel Realities Practice is not a philosophy. It is a potent psycho-spiritual tool that is quickly learned and deeply experienced as a tangible and physical truth that shifts your perspective, and, in doing so, transforms your life in powerful yet gentle ways.

Parallel Realities Practice integrates the awareness that human nature and your original nature create a rich unity of the material and spiritual worlds in your everyday life. In this practice, you will identify and appreciate all parts of the Self and recognize that every part has its own perspective and energy, and that a complex layering of conditioning and belief has created the reality that has existed for you until now.

It then becomes possible to consciously shift into a dialogue between the more dominant aspects of your personality and the new mastery found in that larger and wiser part of you. This connection to a higher-self gives you the ability to embrace the paradoxical realities of your life without judgment, and to develop a conscious internal choice-maker who can be called into action more often in order to provide you with greater clarity.

Shifting perspectives can change your reality, and it is possible for this expansive change to happen almost effortlessly as you use the tools and techniques provided in individual sessions and workshops to consciously choose this new direction in your life.






It's amazing how fast and direct the work is, and how effectively I got to the root of the internal conflicts I have been dealing with all of my life. I've been able to identify and label all the contradicting voices I hear within my own psyche and to balance the contrasting voices and connect with my truest self. It's simply a great way to get at the heart of issues with noticable results very quickly. I've also learned easy ways to deal with everyday situations - the times when I need help the most.

- Garrett A., Artist and Teacher