Facilitating Consciousness 

Friday - Sunday, October 5 - 7 and October 12 - 14, 2012 / two consecutive weekends
Friday, 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
$750, includes a Level I Voice Dialogue Manual
(credit cards accepted, payment plans available)
To register: Email or call Coly. A $75 non-refundable deposit will hold your space. 

This 5-day Level I Voice Dialogue training is an opportunity for you to deepen the understanding of yourself and learn more about this powerful tool for self study.

Level 1 Voice Dialogue training is for both personal and professional use and will:

  • expand your consciousness,
  • improve your communication skills,
  • help you resolve inner conflicts,
  • demystify the development of the personality and
  • bring awareness to unconscious beliefs and behaviors

    Socrates' guiding principle rule was "Know Thyself," in Buddhism it is said, “to study the enlightened way is to study the self," these words are of eternal significance. No better advice has ever been given to man or woman. When one begins to explore themselves, it leads to profound understanding about all creation. As human beings much of our pain comes from the unconsciousness of the world we are born into. In addition the beliefs and behaviors we adopted in childhood and cling to as adults are the seeds that grew into our programmed conditioned responses to life. 

    What I have seen is bringing the light of awareness to our conditioned responses is the first step to freeing ourselves from them. It is the conscious awareness of these habit patterns that allows for the possibility to change our lives from a series of programmed responses to a life of conscious choices.

    This training will be:

    Educational......Experiential.........Practical and you will:

    Learn about:

  • The development of the personality
  • The Psychology of the Selves
  • The use of energetics,
  • Voice Dialogue facilitation
  • Bonding Patterns
  • The Aware Ego Process 
  • Dream Work

  • Experience:

  • Voice Dialogue in a personal session and in a group setting,
  • the Spectrum Exercise,
  • personal and impersonal energies and
  • The Aware Ego Process/Conscious Choice Maker
  • Practice:

  • Voice Dialogue facilitation with other workshop participants

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    “The disagreement among our inner voices is the source of internal conflict.”  

    Date: Oct. 20, 2018  9:30 - 4:30 
    Location:  2055 S. Oneida St. Suite 330, Denver, CO  80224
    Cost: $111

    Throughout life we all have times when we are standing at a crossroads not knowing which direction to turn.  It makes little difference whether we are dealing with a career change, a difficult relationship, or the calling to deepen our personal and spiritual growth, whenever parts of us are in conflict it causes us pain. Caught between the opposing voices in our head  we can be left feeling out of balance, disconnected, alone, and vulnerable.  

    The belief that our answers will be found by looking harder, is the distraction that keeps us stuck at the crossroads.   

    As we aggressively seek for ‘the answer’ we can get caught up in the conflict, and as we become more and more identified with the struggle to find what we are looking for, we eventually become the conflict itself.  

    It is our tendency to believe that looking harder for the answer will resolve the conflict, but what I've experienced is; the clarity it takes to make life-changing decisions appears when we shift our attention from seeking for the right answer and focus it on resolving the conflict with our opposing voices.

    In this workshops you will:

    • Bring clarity to the cause of conflict
    • Identify the parts of you that are in conflict.
    • Learn how to bring peace to inner conflicts.
    • Experience the Empowered Presence that functions as your “Inner Mediator” and brings resolution to the opposing voices  



    "If you run from your fear, your fear will run your life!"

    Date:  Oct. TBA
    Location:  2055 S. Oneida St. Suite 330 Denver, CO  80224
    Cost:  $111

    Our fears of the world and the people in it do not live outside of us, but rather the fear manifests and lives in our body and mind.  When conditions are sufficient, that fear reveals itself and at times it takes over our life. 

    I want to offer you the perspective that fear is a frequency, a vibration, that disturbs our personal balance, peace, health and well-being.  An important  'key' that unlocks the door to our healing and wholeness is to understand the power of fear. 

    In this workshop you will learn: 

    • identify the triggers that activate the fear in you
    • meet the part of you that has been managing your fear all your life
    • become aware of the techniques you have learned to keep fear at a distance
    • bring understanding to where your fears come from and how to deactivate them
    • learn how to heal the parts of you that live in fear

    Living in a state of fear is a learned habit which impacts our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This fearful state will remain with us until we decide to face our fears and heal them. Through your intention and desire you will attract situations, teachers and experiences that will provide you the opportunity to do so...THIS WORKSHOP IS ONE OF THOSE OPPORTUNITIES! 


    RELATIONSHIP WORKSHOP:  “The Vehicle for Transformation” 

    Date: Dates, TBA   
    2055 S. Oneida St. Suite 330 Denver, CO  80224
    Cost: $95  

    In our time together will be using the 'relation-ship' as the vehicle for self-discovery, transformation, and healing.

    This workshop is not just for couples but is perfect for anyone who wants to uncover the way we were unconsciously programmed to do relationships based on the way we learned to 'bond in' / stay 'connected' to our parents and caregivers when we were children. These unseen relationship patterns are still dictating how we relate to others in our adult lives. 

    In this workshops you will:
    • Learn to identify ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ bonding patterns and how to free yourself from them 
    • Identify the parts of you that have been wounded by relationships and how to heal them
    • Demystify the development of your personality (ego)
    • Experience an Empowered Presence that can create your life from a place of free will and conscious choice
    • Learn how to bring peace to conflicts within yourself and with others choice.

    For more information: 
    Call Coly: 303-476-8402 



    Dates:  TBA
    Location: 2055 S. Oneida St. Suite 330 Denver, CO  80224
    Cost: $95 

    You may think that addictive behaviors begin as we get older, but what I have seen is childhood trauma or emotional loss is the universal template for all addictions. All addictions are about self-soothing.   From childhood human beings have become addicted to avoiding painful feelings.   It is a natural, conditioned, primal survival instinct, and many of us have become all too familiar with the habitual processes and behaviors we now use to avoid or numb feeling that pain.  However, those behaviors do not heal or dissolve our pain; they simply help us ‘manage’ it when it comes around.

    I define ‘addiction’ as any process we use to move away from or deny an intolerable reality.

    Those ‘processes’ cover a broad spectrum of habitual behaviors and are not limited to substance abuse alone. They include addictive thoughts we may have about ourselves, like.. we are ‘not good enough,’ over achieving, a constant need to stay busy..’workaholism’, procrastination, self-sabotage, constant judgment of others or criticism of ourselves, and the denial or strong resistance to allowing ourselves to feel  vulnerable.  

    Nothing in our lives can be lifted up, conquered, or healed by moving away from it. Avoiding our pain 
    perpetuates our suffering. Therefore, if we learn to recognize the parts of us that are the source of our pain, and if we are willing to embrace, rather than reject those parts of us, we will be healing our pain and reducing our suffering at the same time.

    Viewing recovery from this perspective,  we can begin to see that ‘recovery’ is less about controlling our behaviors and more about recovering, reclaiming, and healing the parts of us that experienced childhood trauma and our addictive behaviors are there to ‘sooth,’  move away from, or deny.   

    In this class you will learn how to heal the parts of you that experienced childhood trauma or emotional loss and free yourself from the habitual patterns and addictive behaviors that have been disrupting your life. 




    Dates:  TBA
    Location: 2055 S. Oneida St. Suite 330 Denver, CO  80224
    Cost: $95  


    Although it is important to pay attention to the food we put into our body, there is more to  maintaining our health and well-being than eating a well-balanced diet, proper rest, and  exercising regularly.  

    Just as we choose the food that will nourish our physical bodies, we must keep in mind, that we  are more than our physical form.   As human beings we consist of four inter-related energy  bodies: the spiritual body or soul, the emotional body, the mental body, and the physical body.   These ‘bodies’ are inseparable from one another and influence each other.   
    How well our bodies do (or do not) digest food is a reflection of the bigger picture: how well are we are digesting our lives – our thoughts, emotions, experiences, and perceptions; and what  toxic energies are we holding onto that our bodies, by way of dis-ease and illness, are reflecting  back to us?  We need to be able to recognize and release the waste in our lives for what it is.  

    Negative emotions that haven’t been digested naturally rise up in everyone, and can give us  ‘emotional indigestion.’  It is how we deal with these negative emotions that determines how  healthy we are.  Processing and digesting emotion is just as important as digesting and  assimilating food.  Emotional blockages can be just as damaging to health as physical  constipation, but a lot less obvious. Trying to live a healthy, well balance life, with repressed or  conflicted emotions is like having one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake.  It will  either slow the process or weaken our resolve.
    We need to ask: 

    • What have we been unconsciously feeding ourselves?
    • What do we need to feel, digest, and release? 
    • What are the “health foods” we need to feed our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies? 
    • Where can we be more accepting of ourselves?  


    SPIRITUAL BYPASSING : Are Spiritual Practice and Self- Healing Practice the Same?

    Dates: TBA
    Locaiton: 2055 S. Oneida St. Suite 330 Denver, CO  80224
    Cost: $95

    Spiritual bypassing; the use of spiritual beliefs and practices to avoid dealing with painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs—is so pervasive that it goes largely unnoticed. The spiritual ideals of any tradition, whether Christian commandments or Buddhist precepts, can provide easy justification for practitioners to duck uncomfortable feelings in favor of more seemingly enlightened activity. When split off from fundamental psychological and emotional needs, such actions often can do more harm than good.
    Enlightenment experiences do not suddenly dispel the beliefs and the lifetime of conditioned behaviors the ego has about itself, nor do enlightenment experiences wipe away childhood wounds.  There is more to healing then enlightenment….

    There is More to Healing Then Enlightenment                                                                                  

    Pure spirit does not get damaged but our souls do. Enlightenment experiences do not simply dissolve the beliefs and the lifetime of conditioned behaviors the ego has about itself, nor do enlightenment experiences erase childhood wounds. There is more to healing then Enlightenment. For years I unconsciously used spiritual practice as a 'management tool.’ I was using it to manage my pain rather than heal it.  For a while, meditation alone, did help soothe my inner and outer conflicts, which definitely made me feel better, and yes, that felt healing to me however, it did not heal the root of my suffering. I was feeding my ‘spiritual body’ with meditation but not addressing the wounds in my ‘emotional body.’ I was using meditation in a similar way one would use anti- anxiety medication.  The medication can help a person feel less anxious, but the pills do not address or remove the root cause of the anxiety; they only manage to dull the intensity of it. Eventually I realized that spiritual practice and healing practice, although they were related, were not the same.  Spiritual practice focuses on attaining “Enlightenment” “Connection to The Divine.” Healing practice includes spiritual practice but focuses on the only thing that is etched in stone that will allow our healing to occur…….complete and unconditional 

    “There are many in your world who would yet perceive spirituality as a way to get out of the place in which they find themselves, not understanding that they can be nowhere save than in their own mind.  As long as there is a desire to get out of where they are, they will remain stuck within it, because only Love can heal.”  From: “The Way of Mastery”

    In this workshop we will explore:                                                                                     

    1. The difference between spiritual practice and healing practice.
    2. The “Original Ouch, the source or root of our pain.
    3. The Alchemical Process of self-healing 
    4. The fundamentals of Parallel Realities Practice, the means through which your healing can be achieved/accomplished/realized/attained



    Two consecutive weekends 2017:
    Dates: TBA  6pm - 8:30  
                Saturday   9AM-4:30PM
                Sunday   9AM – 4:30PM

    Location 2055 S. Oneida St. Suite 330 Denver, CO  80224
    Cost: $800, includes a Level I Voice Dialogue Training Manual                                                                      

    $75 non-refundable deposit will hold your space.     
    (Payment options available.)  

    Parallel Realities Practice is a synthesis of two self-awareness practices.   Voice Dialogue which was created specifically to develop a person’s Conscious Awareness, and Stillness Meditation, which nourishes and strengthens one’s spiritual nature and establishes the soul’s re- connection to its Divine Source of Creation.  

    I will be offering an in depth study of the Voice Dialogue process used in Parallel Realities Practice to explore its philosophy, methodology, concepts, and its practical application for your intra- personal and inter-personal relationships.  The goal of Voice Dialogue is the development and empowerment of “The Conductor,” the aspect of your consciousness that through practice matures into the I Am Presence that can create your life with its free will to make conscious choices.  

    A five day immersion into The Level One Voice Dialogue Training will help you absorb its fundamental concepts, grasp the basic principles and techniques about the facilitation process,  allow you to deepen your understanding of the ‘psychology of the selves,’  and most importantly, it will strengthen your Conductor’s ability to sustain its healing presence. 

    Please consider attending this training and taking advantage of the opportunity to learn more about this powerful tool for transformation that strengthens and empowers the I Am Presence within you.

    Level 1 Voice Dialogue Training is for both personal and professional use and will: 
    • Expand your consciousness
    • Improve your communication skills
    • Help you resolve inner conflicts
    • Demystify the development of the personality
    • Bring awareness to unconscious beliefs and behaviors

    This training will be…Educational...Experiential...and Practical.



    LEVEL II VOICE DIALOGUE TRAINING: Facilitating Consciousness

    Two consecutive weekends 
    Dates: TBA
    Friday, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Cost: $900, includes Level II Voice Dialogue Manual

    A $75 non-refundable deposit will hold your space.
    (payment plans available)

    Level Two Voice Dialogue Training builds on the Level One Training and deepens your personal and professional relationship with the work. It is a ‘hands on’ participant focused program where you can expect to learn the fundamentals of voice dialogue facilitation through group discussion, demonstration, practice sessions and energetic exercises. You will have the opportunity to map bonding patterns, experience and work with the energetic of the inner selves, and use the Voice Dialogue method to work with dreams.
    Level Two focuses on building your facilitation skills through personal sessions, observation, and facilitation under supervision.

    The training is designed for:
    • The professional who would like to integrate Voice Dialogue theory, skill, and practice with their own training and experience.
    • The Voice Dialogue student who would like to become a Voice Dialogue facilitator.
    • Lay people who would like to use this method for peer facilitation.

    At this training you will:
    • Deepen your understanding and the fundamental skills of Voice Dialogue facilitation
    • Refine and strengthen the Aware Ego Process (Conductor of your Inner Orchestra)
    • Learn how to Map Bonding Patterns
    • Learn how to use Voice Dialogue to explore dreams
    • Have the opportunity to facilitate and be facilitated in private Voice Dialogue sessions
    • Observe Voice Dialogue Facilitations
    • Facilitate under supervision