Our mated relationships, careers, family bonds, social relationships, and spiritual lives are full of paradoxes and dichotomies that can seem to block our paths and confuse our perceptions. But in Parallel Realities Practice, we explore all of these aspects and see them as profoundly useful and instructive. 

The energy that animates us and the entire cosmos is the source of all life and is essentially who we are. This energy is our true nature. It is the very energy that is here before we are born and will continue after our deaths. Much of our misery and confusion comes from misidentifying ourselves as separate from that source, and it is these thoughts and feelings that cause us to be afraid, isolated, and controlled by unhelpful patterns of behavior. With this mindset, we engage in a seeking outside ourselves that often results in feelings of separation from others and from our true nature. 

Lasting fulfillment, peace, and love are qualities found inside our own hearts, and they are our birthright. Parallel Realities Practice is a practical tool for experiencing these aspects of the Self in the real world of hectic schedules and lives full of demands. The practice connects us to our truest self, which also provides a stronger connection to others. Parallel Realities Practice brings lightness and a sense of fun to the process of growth and makes simple and effortless transitions possible.

This work embraces and integrates the entire personality and the unique spirituality of each person, provides life-skills to stimulate new growth, and offers the opportunity to sustain that growth over time. The work is also self-empowering, so that each person working with Parallel Realities Practice becomes stronger, more capable, and with an expanded capacity to experience inner harmony and a wider range of life accomplishment. It's a joyful and rich process and I welcome you to explore the possibilities. 

— Coly Vulpiani





My wife and I had some really extraordinary relationship breakthroughs that are directly attributable to the workshop we attended. It's really wonderful work.

- Carl F., Author of Out of the labrynth





The sessions have been extraordinary for me, deeply touching areas that have been in need of acceptance and healing for some time. Coly Vulpiani's new approach to balancing the transcendent voices of our lives with the everyday is a unique and powerful tool. Like Coly, in the past I tried to use spirituality to somehow rise above the things I didn't want to deal with, and now, I'm drawn to this practice that allows for being fully human and part of a larger consciousness.

- Harvey B., University Professor