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Could it be that what we perceive as barriers are really stepping stones on our healing path? Could it be what we call 'barriers' are actually ’messengers’, present-ing us with 'the perfect storm'...the perfect opportunity for our transformation to occur?
Keep in mind it is our fear that stops us, not what we are afraid of. For example it is the fear of the unknown that stops us from stepping into it....
not the 'unknown' itself. The unknown is unknown, it could be good or not, however, our fear of it is what keeps us from exploring it, and keeps us stuck, blocked by the barrier of fear.
Fear is our perfect storm...our perfect opportunity....our daily messenger. It presents us with the opportunity to cultivate our courage, and then to use it to transform our lives, from a life that is being run by our fears because we have been running away from them, to a life of courage and strength because we are willing to face them.
Nothing in life can be lifted up, conquered, or healed by running away from it. So, if we want our healing and transformation to occur we need to move towards what we have been running away from. There is no way for us to develop our courage without fear so, if you want more courage but you don't want fear, you will be the creating the barrier that will keep you from being more courageous.

December 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterColy