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"We often think of healing as a journey towards wholeness. Moving toward wholeness involves gathering up all the fragmented pieces of our lives and of our selves and bringing them back together. Part of what happens in childhood trauma is that we instinctively do what ever we need to do to push away from the pain that is being inflicted on our developing sense of self. If we push away long enough and hard enough, we begin to disown parts of our experience and even parts of ourselves.
Recovery from childhood trauma involves owning the experiences and selves we have disowned. It includes embracing parts of ourselves that we continue to want to push away. (like the "unconfident one") This is a painful process because it means that we will need to embrace painful realities. Everything in us (and often around us) tells us this is not the right path to take. But it is always truth, no matter how painful that frees us. Consciously choosing to embrace our life experiences and their ongoing impact on us is the path to freedom and wholeness." Juanita Ryan

April 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterColy